Brio means…


Energy, gusto, and spirit! Brio Photo embodies these qualities while bringing a unique vision to every wedding. We are a small group of inspiring photographers brought together by Leslie Barton. Please allow us to introduce ourselves…


Leslie Barton

My love of photography has always been about people. I am a born observer. In my 25+ year career, I’ve photographed everyone from newborns to bodybuilders. Early in my career, I photographed for a number of newspapers. Black and white film was the standard for newspaper work and I was one of the first photographers to shoot weddings in black and white using my artistic, documentary style. I love weddings and have photographed hundreds of nuptials worldwide.  My work has been published in several magazines as well as my own book, ‘The Bride Revealed’.

In my ‘spare’ time, I paint wildly, create moody portraits, and drive my kids around town.


Sarah Block

I was born with wanderlust in my veins. I am thankful my Dad recognized my sense of adventure and paired me with a camera. From an early age I became a visual storyteller.  

I am inspired by the unique details each couple incorporates into their wedding. I have a natural ability to put my clients at ease allowing them to feel relaxed while being photographed.

When I’m not behind the camera, I love salsa dancing, hanging with friends and eating way too much guacamole.


Orit Harpaz

Capturing the love and emotion that bonds people together is what I am most passionate about. I have been honing my craft for the last 25 years. Having earned my degree in Fine Art & Photography from The University of Las Vegas, I started my career photographing weddings. I see myself as a self -prescribed visual family historian, a memory keeper.

As well as capturing the love of others, I draw crazy birds and watch my 13 year old son do triple flips on the trampoline.


Isabel Gund

I consider myself to be a storyteller first and a photographer second. Capturing those in-between moments that are filled with emotion is the fuel for my creativity. My work has appeared in magazines such as InStyle, People, and Town & Country as well as on the Oprah and Rachael Ray shows. In my 20 year career, I have had the privilege to photograph a wide range of subjects, from Rhodes Scholars to Academy Award winning actors. 

When I’m not doing the thing I love the most in this world (taking photographs) I love to hike, read, and go to movies with my husband.


We Brio photographers offer a calming presence, always ready to capture the energy and emotion of your wedding day. We would be delighted to hear about your plans and vision for your big day.